Funeral Services in Monaghan and Fermanagh

A time of loss

The loss of a loved one can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions, feelings of stress and anxiety and grief that make events difficult to handle. With generations of experience as funeral directors Mohan Memorials will guide you through all the aspects of the funeral service with compassion, dignity and respect.

We are just a phone call away and are here to not only help arrange you funeral, but give advise on other issues relating the the death of your loved one. We understand how difficult is is with families who have lost someone that is held near and dear to them.

Help with funeral arrangements in Fermanagh

Organising a funeral can seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with grief.

When someone dies at home in Monaghn Cavan, Fermanagh and Tyrone

If a loved one has unfortunately passed away at home, there are a number of things.

What to do When A Loved One Dies Fermanagh

At some time we will make funeral arrangements for a friend or a loved one.

Every person’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how they lived and how they died that distinguish one person from another.